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Essence Infiniti Logos are created specifically to your satisfaction.  For the “who you are” as a business in a logo, Essence Infiniti Logo provides you with quality logos to help promote your business.

business consulting

Each business has different needs, and your business consultant helps  acknowledge your needs to act on, filling those needs.  We help you find those tools ...

​Gracevision greetings

GraceVision Greetings takes business relationships a step further in customer service.   Birthdays, Anniversaries, Special Holidays, etc… Receiving personal greetings always leaves a good impression!

Be Greater in your space!  Products & Services:

            Growth is always expected when running a successful business, and the smartest way  to grow a good successful business is to have competent teams working to create perfection.  Perfection is not necessarily capable, but “the strive” for perfection is.  Create the perfect business you can through Dedication & Action.  EssenceInfiniti provides the building blocks for positivity, focusing on growth and opportunities.  EssenceInfiniti assists you to connect with the Magic in your business.        

Dedication & Action

Timeka Swann, MBA, DL(DM)

     Be the best that you can be as an individual.  Then, with action apply that individuality to becoming apart of a larger whole, for a better community.  As individuals we have to understand the person that we are inside, and what we have to offer to our community.  We have to gain the “In-Sight” that we need in understanding the differences of others and their culture, attributes and strengths.

Building Productive Business Relationships